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luminiferous aether - 5.25.9
Another fools sings the same song.

Happy Memorial Day. And what a great one it was, the weekend as well. A lot of shopping, a lot of partying, and a lot of eating. Wow, did I say eating? I'm such a pig. If I'm not eating,then food is on my mind, and if it's not on my mind, it's in my belly.

So Saturday was my sisters Baby Shower. It was quite the emotional, drawn out song that you'd expect it to be. Nothing too fancy, but just the right dosage of drama. Destiny or Karma, or something, played nice with us this time, haha.

Besides that, I am tired, and cranky, and haven't really been doing anything productive as of lately. Listening to music and reading magazines with clothes that I cannot currently afford (thankfully for me they have opened a new Zara, Forever 21, and the H&M is still there, at the mall I frequent).

I haven't been playing video games. The DS is sitting on my desk just looking at me. And I just got more hours at work, so I won't have enough time to play games (ahh .. the games I would love to beat ... Final Fantasy X, X-2, & XII. Kingdom Hearts I & II. Persona 3, & 4. Gran Turismo 4. Dragon Quest VIII. Disgaea DS .. the list goes on).

I refuse to get a new (or current now actually) generation system without beating these games..which sucks sort of, because I'm dying to play the New Batman game (Arkham Asylum).

BTW, did you notice the re-design? If you did, and now where I found my inspiration from (hint: DoCoMo phone OS UI) then you are as cool as me .. which isn't a good thing actually, hehe, dork!!

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Can you feel Shadoloo?

What a boring week. Nothing special happened (except when they showed the supposedly PS3 re-design). Besides that, the suspense for E3 is killing me. I find I spend hours on twitter attempting to start conversation about E3. I always do this "blah blah blah #e3" .. is that sad?

Besides that, school ended this week. And I did horrible. I'm not going to say how bad I did, but I don't think I could've mathematically done any worse, or at least I was not going to attempt to. I'm so glad it's over though, now I can enjoy a long summer of video games, not a lot of work, and doing the things I want, so I can come back this fall and kill it.

I did buy a new camera (some Sanyo from WalMart, nothing fancy"). I bought it for my sister, and sort of me too because I am the one that takes pictures at family gatherings. I am though going to buy another camera for myself (a better Digital One, not one of those thick black ones). I will also be starting "My Life" project, where I will take a picture of myself, my surroundings, and other little things on a daily basis, and writing a post on it (but I will probably not be starting this project until after summer, as I am planning to study CSS, PHP, and other subjects to enhance my skills and also have my own site to host it on).

Another thing I am exited is about my "One Project a week" for this summer, where I will work on one project every week (Starting June 1) on Photoshop and post it on my deviant art (and my future portfolio, which is also coming after summer). So I am exited =]..

Anything happened to you guys lately? Give me a shout

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F999KR, pronounced "effnaiker" is my machine name. My human name, or at least what I remember it to be, is Danny. I am 20 years old in human years. I am not a human being, or rather I used to be. I am numbers and equations. A none religious machine from the planet 2XIV created to lead humans into a better world. I enjoy Japanese culture, Japanese animation, and have an overall interest in Japanese, and Asian, media. A college student in Computer Science major. I enjoy the internet, science, technology, cultures, economics, video games, pretending to have emotions, and the study of emotions.

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May 2009

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