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Can you feel Shadoloo?

What a boring week. Nothing special happened (except when they showed the supposedly PS3 re-design). Besides that, the suspense for E3 is killing me. I find I spend hours on twitter attempting to start conversation about E3. I always do this "blah blah blah #e3" .. is that sad?

Besides that, school ended this week. And I did horrible. I'm not going to say how bad I did, but I don't think I could've mathematically done any worse, or at least I was not going to attempt to. I'm so glad it's over though, now I can enjoy a long summer of video games, not a lot of work, and doing the things I want, so I can come back this fall and kill it.

I did buy a new camera (some Sanyo from WalMart, nothing fancy"). I bought it for my sister, and sort of me too because I am the one that takes pictures at family gatherings. I am though going to buy another camera for myself (a better Digital One, not one of those thick black ones). I will also be starting "My Life" project, where I will take a picture of myself, my surroundings, and other little things on a daily basis, and writing a post on it (but I will probably not be starting this project until after summer, as I am planning to study CSS, PHP, and other subjects to enhance my skills and also have my own site to host it on).

Another thing I am exited is about my "One Project a week" for this summer, where I will work on one project every week (Starting June 1) on Photoshop and post it on my deviant art (and my future portfolio, which is also coming after summer). So I am exited =]..

Anything happened to you guys lately? Give me a shout

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